A  Classic  Case  Of  OCD



Following description is about a treatment resistant case of severe OCD. Patient would feel that he is contaminated and he has contaminated everything; therefore, he would wash all the things, e.g., rosary, pen, mobile phone, laptop, wrist watch, screw driver, pliers, door locks and handles, etc. etc.
He is almost cured. He needs not medicine. Patient is still under observation.

Date consulted: 13-3-2013 (it was an online case)
Patient: male, age 33 years (born in 1980), married, two kids (now three), highly educated (Master of Commerce, and Master of Economics).
5-head-in-lions-mouthPatient was suffering from OCD since 1993 i.e., since the age of 13 years. He got two months homeopathic treatment and two months psychiatric treatment in 2003. He didn’t get any relief. In 2005 he started regular psychiatric treatment from a reputed professor of psychiatry. He got some relief but the disease progressed steadily, for which he was prescribed higher doses of psychiatric medicine. He reached at the maximum dose of clomipramine hydrochloride 200 mg/day. When maximum dose failed to give relief, he got ECT in 2009 (8 sessions). Again in 2013 when he was at the verge of getting ECT, his psychiatrist advised him to undergo brain surgery (psycho-surgery) as a last resort. At this point he resorted to homeopathy in March, 2013. He was under homeopathic treatment when he suddenly required ECT in May, 2013. This time he required only 4 sessions, as compared to 8 sessions previously.
He was advised to stop psychiatric drugs before starting homeopathic treatment. He improved greatly within a few days. His improvement can be assessed from the fact that now 10 mg of clomipramine hydrochloride works better as compared to 200 mg of clomipramine hydrochloride previously.

Before I mention the major improvements in his health, read this SMS which he sent on 4-7-2013, i.e., about four months after starting homeopathic treatment.

“By the grace of Allah, homeopathy changed my life. Thanks to you. (Mr. xyz)”.

Now have a glance on some major improvements in his health and life. It is impossible to present the complete case here.
1. Several months before starting homeopathic treatment, his condition got so bad that he left his lucrative job. He was working in an international organization. After starting homeopathic treatment he felt so good that he resumed the same job. After about two years he was honored by the acceleratary promotion. He is discharging his duties very well.
2. In 2013 he was studying in 2nd year of DHMS Homeopathy course. Due to his severe illness he was unable to pursue his studies. Just after taking a few months homeopathic treatment he was able to appear in the annual examination and succeeded. Now in June, 2015 he will take 4th year’s final examination. He is ready and confident. It shows the quality of treatment.
3. In 2013, after getting better with homeopathic treatment, he got admission in M.Sc. Clinical Psychology. He is doing very well. At the end of 2015 he will appear for the final examination.

The quality of improvement can be judged by considering the fact that he is doing his job, studying two courses, and also carrying out domestic responsibilities.

Last medicine was given in Feb. 10, 2015. Until now (May 2015), he is drug free and doing well. There is absolutely no compulsive washing now. He has weak obsessions only when he faces some stressful situation. These obsessions go away in a short time. He is advised to stop homeopathic medicine and use self CBT to overcome these minor obsessions. He is doing fine.
There were a lot of other issues which were treated simultaneously. These are detailed below.

Symptoms Reported by The Patient

Symptoms detailed below are not total symptoms. Some symptoms, though very important, have been omitted because of privacy reason. You can easily assess the gravity of the case and the sufferings of the patient. The patient lived nineteen years of continuous pain, suffering and desperation, battling with self, permanent expenditure with inability to pursue job, apprehension, no joy, no hope, and no future.


1. Obsessions of contamination with compulsion of washing. The most troubling problem for which the treatment was sought for.
2. Severe insomnia. Cannot sleep in spite of taking sleeping pills. Gets little sleep, brain remains active during sleep. Anxious dreams during sleep. “My brain does not shut down during sleep and my insomnia is the aggravating factor of my OCD”.
3. Severe palpitation. “I can bear OCD, but cannot bear palpitation”.
4. Cannot make eye contacts, evading looks.
5. Seeing black spots and lines flying in air.
6. Delusions. Anywhere when he sees a hole, whether in the wall or in the ground, in the room or while walking on the road, he thinks that in that hole there are some important chits (or small pieces) of papers or coins which have fallen from his pocket.
7. Delusions. Sees ghosts while awake.
8. He thinks that in every house, all the rooms, floors and beds etc. are contaminated, either by semen or by urine of the kids. All these things trigger the feeling of being contaminated and the need to wash the contaminated things. The endless cycle starts.
9. While urinating, he feels, drops of splashing urine are falling on his feet. Whereas he would wearing shoes and socks. This feeling would be so real that it would provoke the endless cycle of washing contaminated (imagined) things.
10. Without any reason, everything seems contaminated. Mobile phone, computer, laptop, door padlocks and handles, wrist watch, water tap, screw driver, pliers, hammer etc. everything looks like contaminated and needs washing. The cycle mostly starts when he looks at the rosary of his mother, he thinks that it was contaminated and someone who has touched it has touched the other things also, thus making other things contaminated.
11. Fastidious. Compulsion regarding order and cleanliness.
12. Body dysmorphic disorder. Feels, his face is not beautiful for which he wants to undergo plastic surgery. In reality, he has a fair complexion and good looking face. If he had sufficient money, he would have gone for plastic surgery.
13. At night, fear of thieves with guns. Cannot go to bed peacefully. Checks the door lock repeatedly.
14. Fear of bomb blast, anywhere, anytime.
15. Fear of error during verbal communication. Feels, he has not communicated his idea properly. Repeats his point repeatedly to make his point clear, thereby offending the listeners.
16. Fear of error during writing. Rechecks the script, address, figures, again and again without satisfaction.
17. Chronic migraine.
18. Desires death due to his unbearable condition, begs his family members to kill him (not committing suicide due to the fear to be thrown in hell).
19. Highly suspicious. Does not allow his wife to go out alone or even meet her relatives alone. Guests are not allowed to meet or even see his wife. Great fear that someone may not record his conversation and upload it on the YouTube or use it to blackmail him. Through windows or holes in the wall, someone may not take pictures or record videos with telecamera; someone may not steal data from his USB etc.
20. Continuous feeling of threat from everyone, to his prestige. Strong feeling of being weak, alone and insecure. Threat of physical injury as well. Don’t have the courage to answer back.
21. Feeling worthless. “Feeling mentally and physical half man”.
22. Short tempered, over sensitivity, becomes angry easily and at trifles (but cannot express his anger outside home, wife is the easy target).
23. Throws things away when trapped by the OCD symptoms. He has broken his mobile phones, wrist watches and other things.
24. Weakness of memory. Forgetful. Confusion of mind. Difficulty in making decision.
25. Recalls old happenings and many years old bad behavior of others (especially relatives), becomes angry, calls their names, abuses and curses them and wants to take revenge, but lacks courage.
26. Chronic gastric pain, feels often. Feeling of discomfort after eating. Abdomen bloated, full of gas.
27. Chronic, permanent diarrhea.
28. Decrease in libido and impotency (erectile dysfunction).
29. Legs and hips go to sleep just after sitting little.
30. Physical exhaustion, easily fatigued, feels physically powerless.
31. Weight gain. Weight = 87 kg.
32. Muscle pain. Pain in whole body.
33. Feels excessive heat, especially in the back. Pours cold water on his back to ease the sensation of excessive heat, otherwise he cannot sleep.
34. Restless leg syndrome (very occasional).
35. Cholesterol spots under the eyes.
36. Hemorrhoids.
37. Renal stones, twice.
a. First in 2007 – 7 mm diameter, removed by lithotripsy. Treated with antibiotics and pain killers.
b. Second time, 2-7-2013 (during homeopathic treatment) – 6 mm diameter. Removed with two doses of homeopathic remedy. No antibiotics, no pain killer.
38. Several months before starting homeopathy, has left his job due to severity of OCD symptoms. Confined him to home, no social contacts.

Medicines  Used

(i). Conventional medicines:
1. Clomfranil (Clomipramine hydrochloride) 150 – 200 mg/day (this was the regular medicine which he would take daily)
2. Qusel (Quetiapine) 200 mg/day from 2009 to 2012 (used as per need, when condition gets worse. “very effective for insomnia”).
3. Laxotanil (Bromazepam) 3mg/day, (for insomnia).
4. Inderal 40 mg/day (for palpitation).
5. Prozac (fluoxetine)
6. Paxil (Paroxetine) 60 mg/day for OCD
7. Effexor (Venlafaxine) 75 mg/day
8. Lexapro (Escitalopram) 20 mg/day
9. Got Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for short period without any effect.
10. Got Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), twice. First in 2009 (8 sessions) and then in 2013 (4 sessions)

(ii). Homeopathic Remedies
1. Causticum 200
2. Nux vomica 200
3. Sulphur 200
4. Syphilinum 200, 1M, CM
5. Kali phosphoricum 200, 1M, CM
6. Coffea cruda 200, 1M, CM
7. Ignatia amara 200
8. Natrium muriaticum 200
9. Aconitum napellus 200
10. Ashwagandha- Q


What More Can You Expect From the Treatment

1. Patient is now totally disease free and drug free.
2. He has absolutely no physical complaint now.
3. His OCD has almost gone. Absolutely no compulsive behavior. Only traces of weak obsessions come on temporarily and occasionally when he faces some stressful situation, for which he does not need medicine.
4. His sleep, mood, behavior, abnormal fears and emotions, everything is normal.
5. Previously, there was a great suspicion and internal conflict regarding relationship. Homeopathy checked the tendency to have suspicion about every person. Homeopathy saved his wife from divorce and made their family life normal and happy. One can easily imagine the disaster, if the homeopathy has not helped the patient.
6. Patient got rid of multiple diseases, lifelong medication, their side effects, recurrent expenses and a lot more. He was saved from brain surgery and its after effects and huge expenditures.
7. detox-therapyTwo years of homeopathic treatment cured his 22 years old mental disorder and other physical diseases and ended unbearable sufferings.
8. Mostly he got only one dose per month. Is it not amazing?
9. Homeopathy has transformed his life from a totally burden and crippled person to a normal, healthy and useful person. In future, as a homeopathic doctor and as a clinical psychologist, he will help many other patients to lead a normal life.


It is homeopathy!



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