Psychiatric treatment (drugs)



Homeopathic treatment

 1. No cure for OCD. Patients need life long treatment.

Homeopathy has excellent curative treatment for OCD. A few months treatment is sufficient.

2. ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention) is the essential part of OCD treatment. It is very agonizing for patients to prevent response after exposure, especially when it is repeated again and again. Moreover, it is not curative.

Absolutely no need for ERP training. Due to continuous decrease in obsessions and anxiety level, patients overcome their OCD in a natural way.

3. Under psychiatric medication, patient may have occasional acute attacks of severe OCD for which he needs urgent help of ECT.

Such situations never come during homeopathic treatment. Due to ongoing relief and reduction in obsessions and anxiety, such crisis never comes.

4. Patients have to bear a lot of side effects of psychiatric medicines. Some of these drugs may have serious side effects injurious to health and vital organs.

Homeopathic remedies have absolutely no side effects. These remedies are very gentle to the human body.

5. While psychiatric drugs control OCD, they also cause numerous other health issues, known as side effects. Patients need additional medication to cope with these health problems. Life becomes miserable for OCD patients.

Homeopathy treats multiple diseases at a time. Therefore, OCD, as well as all other health issues improve simultaneously, therefore patients require much less or no conventional medication, and with improved health his life becomes worth living.

6. During the course of time, patients require increasing doses of medicine to cope with their ever increasing OCD. After reaching the maximum dose, patient is switched to the next powerful drug. Then a stage comes when nothing helps.

With the ongoing improvement, patients are advised to increase spacing between medicine doses, thus less to lesser medicine is required until the patient is get cured and needs not further medication.

7. When all the medicines fail to control the OCD, psycho-surgery is advised. Adverse effects of psycho-surgery, is another issue.

Homeopathic treatment can save patients from psycho-surgery, ECT and life long psychiatric treatment. It makes their life OCD free.

8. Only a few drugs are available for OCD. All the drugs are palliative only.

Dozens of remedies are available to completely cure the OCD.

9. These medicines are not safe to use during pregnancy and lactation and in pathological .conditions like renal and hepatic impairment

It is absolutely safe, rather beneficial to use it during pregnancy and lactation and in conditions like renal or hepatic impairment.

10. Psychiatric medicines are known to increase the suicidal thinking and suicidality. Many patients commit suicide to end their unbearable sufferings.

Homeopathic treatment improves health, removes suicidal ideation and suicidality and makes the patient calm and happy. Homeopathy saves lives.

11. Severe relapse if the psychiatric medicines discontinued abruptly.

No relapse if the treatment is stopped abruptly.

12. Patients with “treatment resistant OCD” require integrative approach and ECT, still with little benefit.

No issue of “treatment resistant OCD”. Patients progress smoothly.







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